One Young Street

Toronto Star Building

26 Floors of Audio controlled by 2-16 x 16 DSP Units and 4 main frame amplifiers.

New wire pulls to each floor, the lower parking garage, the main mechanical room and 2 security stations.


Replacing over 50 damaged speakers and adding new speakers to areas with poor coverage.



3rd Floor Rack Room (pic1)

3rd Floor Rack Room (pic2)

3rd Floor Rack Room (pic3)

Engineering office


We added a touch panel to an exsisting rack in the main engineering office that houses the building phone and old paging and audio systems.


We decommissioned the old audio system but some parts of the old phone system are still in use, so a retro fit was done in this area.



Ceiling tiles were removed and speaker installation was done in a storage area. This helped eliminate installation debris in public spaces and ensured we didn't interfere with the buildings tenants or their clients.

A copy of the line drawings given to the client. Outlining the connections between amps, microphones, touch panels and speakers. It also highlights the different paging zones for system maintanence.


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