Red Hot Chili Pepper Bar

St Catharines

This was a cost effective, easy to use solution. The old juke box was replaced with a computer allowing the staff to download and customize music play lists for different shifts. The music player has a built in crossfader, EQ and compressor so there is no dead air between tracks and each track plays at the same volume as the last

Distribution amps were installed allowing staff to control 2 sources that are then sent to 4 different zones of the bar.

The Main Bar - One Club - Lower Bar - Patio

There is a master volume and every zone has it's own volume. It is simple and easy to use.

This is the volume control for the lower bar. A very large knob mounted to the wall. Simple and easy to use.

One of the 10" outdoor speakers for the back patio installed next to some LED lighting.


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